February 13th, 2020 is Fossil Fuel Divestment Day.

On February 13th, 2020, we will be throwing down for Fossil Fuel Divestment Day, or “F2D2”, a national day of action for fossil fuel divestment campaigns across the country! 

We are at an unprecedented moment for our movement. In September, divestment students helped organize huge Climate Strikes that turned out hundreds and even thousands of students. In November, Harvard and Yale students blew up the internet by disrupting the annual Harvard Yale football game. Their #NobodyWins action is the single most covered divestment action in history. And in 2019, we saw 7-year-long campaigns at Middlebury, Smith, and University of California win their divestment demands! 

So let’s make 2020 the year where universities are no longer allowed to profit off of fossil-fueled destruction of land, air, and water. On February 13th, dozens of colleges and thousands of students will take action and prove that our movement is bigger than ever. And we aren’t just going to act on February 13th. F2D2 will mark the beginning of mass escalation for the divestment movement throughout 2020. 

So far, over 50 campuses across the U.S. have pledged to take action on Fossil Fuel Divestment Day.

We are asking your campaign to join the movement on February 13th. 

Together, we can turn individual campus actions into a united movement that will turn the tide on the fossil fuel industry in 2020.

About Us

Divest Ed is the national training and strategy hub for student fossil fuel divestment campaigns.

We help students ask their schools one simple question: Will our colleges act as civic leaders and take a stand for people and communities, or will they continue hoard resources and empower corporations?

Through coaching, training, resource-sharing, and coordination, we equip student organizers with the strategies and skills they need to invigorate their activism and organizing both on-campus and off.

Our mission is to contribute to a long-lasting and sustainable student climate justice movement in which students use their power to challenge their colleges to be a force for moral good rather than contributing to climate destruction and economic oppression.


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