Reflections from our first Divest Ed Fellowship Retreat!

Divest_Ed_Fellowship_2019_-_Jan_Retreat_-_Group_Photo__smiling.pngFellows, trainers, and volunteers at the first Divest Ed 2019 Organizing Fellowship retreat on January 18th-21st. Some fellows could not attend and are not pictured.

Over the MLK holiday weekend, a dedicated cohort of student organizers convened in Sherborn, Massachusetts to build relationships, sharpen organizing skills, and strategize for their campaigns. The retreat was a formative, exciting, and productive weekend for trainers and fellows alike. We learned from each other, stepped out of our comfort zones, and grew.

Training sessions included the topics of anti-oppression, the story of divestment, the Just Transition framework campaign strategy, financial literacy, self-care and sustainability, and much more. With a firm grounding in climate justice, fellows developed and refined the skills necessary to maintain a powerful fossil fuel divestment campaign.

In addition, students had the unique opportunity to connect with other campaigns and to share tactics and organizing knowledge. Fellows compared experiences, supported each other’s campaigns, and collectively envisioned an ecologically and socially just future.

This convening strengthened our movement, not just because participants walked away with new knowledge, but because lasting relationships were formed. Fellows connected, bonded, and found community in one another, which is integral to creating inclusive and formidable divestment campaigns.

Such trainings and relationship building will continue this year with monthly webinars and coaching calls, a summer community organizing program at our Cambridge office, and ongoing communication and strategizing among fellows.

Throughout this year's program, fellows will build student power in their pursuit of divestment and climate justice. We are more inspired than ever; we look forward to organizing for the replacement of the fossil fuel regime with a sustainable, equitable future.

We look forward to next time we reconvene at our upcoming retreat on June 10th-14th.

Divest_Ed_Fellowship_2019_-_Jan_Retreat_-_Climate_Justice_Training.pngOur Climate Justice & Just Transition training.

Written by Gracie Brett, Divest Ed Campus Organizer

Editors note: The blog post has been edited to reflect the updated June Training Retreat dates of June 10-14th. The original post had listed the dates of June 9th-13th, but the retreat dates have since been changed. 

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