Campaign Map

Want to see if your campus has a campaign or find other divestment campaigns near you? This live map shows which colleges are and have been part of the movement!

How to Use this Map

  1. Click the Map_Open-legend.png icon in the upper left-hand corner to open or collapse the legend, which shows the various categories.
  2. Each category is shown as a layer, which can be checked Map_Checkbox-checked.png or unchecked Map_Checkbox-unchecked.png to be visible or not.
  3. Click the gray arrow next to each category to see all the campuses in that category.
  4. You can view the full map by clicking the Map_Brackets.png icon in the upper right-hand corner. The full map allows you to search by name of school.


  • Map-icon_Orange-X.png Fully divested - "Fully divested" means these campuses have committed to divest from all (or the Carbon Tracker 200) fossil fuel companies including oil, coal, gas. This includes campuses that have divested only their direct investments.
  • Map-icon_Yellow-X.png Partially divested - "Partially divested" means these campuses have committed to divest from some fossil fuel companies, such as only coal, tar sands, or certain fossil fuel companies.
  • Map-icon_Blue-circle.png Active - Campus with a currently active divestment campaign.
  • Map-icon_Gray-square.png Currently inactive - Campus that used to have a divestment campaign but is either no longer active or no longer working on divestment.
  • Map-icon_Black-gavel.png Active prison divestment campaign - Campus with a currently active prison divestment campaign.
    • The data for this map came from Enlace, who organizes and support campus prison divestment campaigns in addition to other anti-incarceration and immigrant justice work. 

If a campus is not pictured, it means that there has never been an active divestment campaign there.

This map was compiled by our staff, and it's possible that there are errors! Do you see a mistake or have a question about a campus on the map? Submit a message at the bottom of this page!