Fossil Fuel Divestment Day

Together, we are building an unstoppable movement to demand fossil fuel divestment from our colleges and universities and the socially responsible reinvestment of our endowments.

What is F2D2?


Fossil Fuel Divestment Day (aka "F2D2") is on February 13th, 2020 and will be a national distributed day of action for student fossil fuel divestment campaigns!

On February 13th, campus divestment campaigns across the country, along with allies in state pension divestment campaigns and international groups, will take unified action to prove that our movement is bigger than ever. Coordination at this scale is unprecedented in our movement. By acting together, Fossil Fuel Divestment Day will give us the chance to make our voices heard on a global scale.

And we aren’t just going to act on February 13th. F2D2 will mark the beginning of mass escalation for the divestment movement throughout 2020. 

Join Us!

So far, over 50 campuses across the U.S. have pledged to join Fossil Fuel Divestment Day! Help divestment break the news on February 13th by having your campaign join on.

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Our Narrative & Principles

Our tactic is divestment, our message is climate justice, and our goal is to create a just and livable future for all. Please read our Principles and our Narrative which serve to guide our movement's national escalation throughout 2020.





Fossil Fuel Divestment Day isn't a stand-alone event. It is part of a year-long timeline of national escalation for the divestment movement, starting from the September Climate Strikes in 2019 through fall 2020!


To learn more about how divestment campaigns can participate in the Youth Climate Strikes, read here!

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