Faculty Supporters

Faculty have a critical role to play in the divestment movement. Faculty are in important positions at colleges, have a strong understanding of how college decisions are made and who the key players are, and are able to help play a role in ensuring institutional memory over the course of long-term campaigns.

Check out the Faculty and Staff Divestment Network's website and plug in here! 

Faculty can offer support to campus campaigns in lots of ways:

  • Resources by helping campaigns find event or meeting space on campus, helping students access intramural funding, acting as a faculty advisor to clubs
  • Connections by talking to other faculty, connecting students to different departments and to the faculty senate
  • Legitimacy by endorsing the campaign, getting your department to endorse, passing a faculty resolution in support of divestment, writing letters in support of divestment to the president, writing op eds, sharing your perspective as faculty on why your college should divest

If your college has not yet divested:

101: Find out if there is an active student group by checking out our campaign map. Reach out to them and ask how you can help!

201: Consider launching a faculty sign-on letter (or add signatures to an existing one).

301: Offer your students assignments around fossil fuel divestment, or offer them extra credit for attending divestment events ins on campus (and help organize them if there isn't one!).

401: Pull together a team of supportive faculty to create a XXX College Faculty for Divestment organization, and work together to pass a resolution through the Faculty Senate.

If your college has divested:

Great! But check to see that they have divested all their investments and done so accountably. If they have not, ask them why not.

Connect with other college faculty!

Join the Faculty & Staff Divestment Network's Google Group and Facebook Group, a group that was started by college faculty & staff to share best practices, questions, and inspiration across campuses!

Want to help more?

We need financial support to make our work possible. Consider pitching in to help fund our movement work - and ask your supportive colleagues to match your contribution to increase your impact and deepen their ties to the movement!

Stay in touch with Divest Ed!

We don't yet have the capacity to provide a lot of targeted support to faculty for now, but we will convene faculty-specific calls every once in a while, and hope to provide more support to faculty as we grow our resources and hire more staff. 

Sign up here to get updates on our work, and fill out the follow-up survey so we know to reach out to you around faculty organizing down the road!

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