Finance Resources

Financial Literacy 101

The common financial arguments made against fossil fuel divestment, and counterarguments to each claim. Created by Divest Ed staff.

Endowments and Finance 101 Workshop

A slide deck with the basics of researching endowments and tactics for getting information for your campaign. Created by Divest Ed staff.

Endowment Values for Schools (2020)

Up-to-date endowment values and change in endowment values for U.S. and Canadian Insitutions, Fiscal Year 2020. Created by the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

Shareholder Engagement Fact Sheet

Reasons why shareholder engagement with fossil fuel corporations is ineffective. Created by Divest Ed staff.

Consultants and Endowments outlines some key takeaways from an article about the role consultants play in endowments.

Additional financial arguments

More financial arguments in favor of fossil fuel divestment from


Reports that can be a resource for your campaign or can be given directly to your administration.

Capitalism + the Climate Crisis Training

A crash course in the connections between capitalism and the climate crisis, including an activity to think about a just transition to an alternative economic model. Created by Divest Ed staff.

Endowments & Finance (Google Drive folder)

A folder with a few additional resources on endowments and finance.


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