Toolkits, Guides, & Examples

Land Acknowledgement Guide

A guide to the whys and hows of acknowledging whose land we currently stand on. Additionally, this guide includes information on #LandBack. For more information on Indigenous Sovereignty, Indigenous organizing, and decolonization, check out this resource page

Campaign Strategy 101 

A comprehensive guide on divestment campaign strategy, theories of change, and basic actions. Created by the Divestment Student Network & Sierra  Student Network.

How To Run A Divestment Campaign (Fossil Free)

A guide designed by on how to run a divestment campaign in a university setting. 

Recruitment Disruption Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to disrupt fossil fuel company recruitment, founded in pro-Black & Indigenous, pro-worker, and restorative principles. Created by DivestEd staff. 

How to File a Legal Complaint for Fossil Fuel Divestment

A guide to using legal means to compel your institution to divest from fossil fuels, written by organizers from Divest Harvard and Boston College Climate Justice and attorneys with the Climate Defense Project.

How To Table

A comprehensive overview of how to table, created by DivestEd staff. 

How To Run Recruitment

An overview of how to recruit & maintain new members in a divestment campaign.

How To Organize A Convergence (Event)

A "braindump" (that is still comprehensive) about how to organize events of varying sizes with success. Created by DivestEd staff. 

Action Planning Basics

A drive full of action planning tips & tricks, specifically covering direct action. Curated by DivestEd staff, contains information from several organizing groups. 

Digital Organizing Toolkit

A guide on digital organizing tools (email, social media, texting, graphic design, security culture, accessibility, and more) developed by the DivestEd staff. 


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