Intentionally Designed Endowments Primer

Intentional Endowments Network, August 2017

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  • 45-page resource
  • Best for: Helping endowment stakeholders establish a baseline understanding of the key issues related to intentionally designed endowments (i.e. aligning investment practices with institutional mission and values).
  • Covers: High level overview of the field of sustainable investing, including a brief history and links to key resources and relevant organizations.
  • This can be presented to your trustees as is. According to IEN, "Any non-profit administrator or trustee with fiduciary responsibility or involvement in investment practices should be familiar with these issues."

Important Sections:

  • Summary of divestment movement (p. 9)
  • Summary of the financial argument for divestment (p. 10-12) 
  • Case studies of campuses with "intentionally designed endowments" (starting on p. 16) - Note that not all of these are campuses who have divested. Campuses included with the strongest and most accountable divestment commitments and policies are listed below.
    • Hampshire College (p. 16-17)
    • Humboldt State (p. 18-19)
    • Pitzer College(p. 21-22)
    • San Francisco State University (p. 22-23)
    • University of Dayton (p. 25-26)

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