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Divest Ed has a dedicated staff team who work to support student divestment organizers and coordinate our national divestment work!

Kriss Mincey, Divest Ed Director, [email protected]

Bio_Kriss.jpegAs part of the Great Migration, my family moved to Jersey and Baltimore City in the 1940s from the American South, courtesy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, seventeenth century. The ones I know were and are: farmers, beauticians, butchers, sailors, sign language interpreters, caregivers--which brings us to me, Kriss Mincey, another being having a human experience. Only right now, mine is expressing itself in ways that are arguably more "airy," such as gathering and creating language, co-learning, stewarding relationships, and asking more truthful questions about the invisible things that shape our physical world--like I said, very "pie-in-the-sky" stuff.
Now, for that weird occurrence where I reference myself in third person:
Kriss Mincey is a Black, Afro-Southern American lyricist, writer and asker of questions. She likes her coffee hot, even in summer. She asks under what conditions can an emerging commercial artist access spirit in their work longterm. She lives and grows in Baltimore and Boston. View CV here.

Gracie Brett (she/her) Senior Organizer, [email protected] 


Gracie recently graduated from American University in Washington, DC with a B.A. in Political Science. She became interested in climate justice when she joined her university’s divestment campaign, Fossil Free AU. There, Gracie learned the importance of community and camaraderie in organizing. She views the climate crisis as an opportunity to reshape the global political economy to serve people over profits—seeking prosperity for the people, not the polluters. Her work at Better Future Project seeks not only to fight environmental injustice, but to build a more democratic and equitable society along the way. Outside of organizing, Gracie enjoys contemporary art, free jazz, reading, and laughing. 

Rachel Schlueter (she/her), Senior Organizer, [email protected]

Bio_Rachel.jpgRachel Schlueter is a facilitator, trainer, and community organizer. Raised on the land of the Kiikaapoi, Peoria, Kaskaskia, Bodéwadmiakiwen, Myaamia, Oceti Sakowin peoples - so-called Itasca, Illinois - Rachel arrived at Better Future Project in 2018 to co-create and launch Divest Ed. She comes to the team with training, mentoring, and campaign experiences and teaching from organizing groups and community groups including: Divest BU, Qumbya Housing Cooperative, BDS Boston, Highlander Research and Education Center, and the archives of the Divestment Student Network's Reinvestment Working Group. Rachel graduate from Boston University where she organized for fossil fuel divestment and studied International Relations and Public Health. 

As a Campus Organizer, Rachel coaches campaigns in the Midwest and South, and holds space for the joyful practice of developing reinvestment strategies. Offline, Rachel enjoys gardening, getting to know the watersheds around her, and biking.

Kerrina Williams, Digital Disruption Organizer, [email protected]


Kerrina (she/they) grew up on Tongva land in Southern California. Kerrina is a Black, African American and Mexican decolonial womanist who works towards a just future where power lies in the community. They are a graduate from Northeastern University. In undergrad they worked with their school's United Students Against Sweatshops chapter, the Progressive Student Alliance, in solidarity with workers and unions. They earned a history degree with a focus on colonialism, imperialism, and alternative medical systems in Black enslaved communities in the North America. They also minored in Environmental Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Outside of their profession work, Kerrina practices yoga, meditation, and loves rewatching early 2000s reality tv. 

Katy Butler, Digital Disruption Manager, [email protected]

Katy’s career has been focused on digital relational organizing and after working in environmental youth activism, LGBTQ rights, and voter empowerment she came to Divest Ed. In addition to running the digital aspects of the Summer Fellowship and working on digital strategy on campuses, Katy manages digital communication, tools, and community building within the Divestment Movement at Divest Ed. Katy lives with her wife, 2 and a half year old daughter, 2 cats, and their dog in Chicago, IL where she plays rugby and enjoys daily (okay multiple times a day) cups of coffee from the coffee shop down stairs! 

Nadira Foster-Williams, Recruitment Disruption Senior Manager, [email protected]

Coming from a Pro-Black matriarchal support system rooted in accountability, conviction, and community care, as well as a father who is of the little acknowledged history of Southern cowboys- Nadira is keen on exhaustively interrogating spaces and lines determined by race, class, supremacy, and deservingness; several elements of the pillars of white supremacy which uphold society and even counter-culture spaces. She does not respond to small talk and thrives in the uncomfortable.

Claire Deen Taylor, Divest Ed Intern, [email protected]

Claire is a rising junior at Amherst College studying environmental studies and mathematics. She is a cofounder of and organizer for the Amherst College Divestment Coalition, which advocates for the divestment of Amherst’s endowment from institutions perpetuating injustice, from the fossil fuel industry to the prison and military industrial complexes. Claire is really excited to learn and to continue to center community-building and justice as an intern for Divest Ed! She also plays the french horn, loves going on adventures with friends, and can pogo stick without hands.

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