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Divest Ed has a dedicated staff team who work to support student divestment organizers and coordinate our national divestment work!

Kriss Mincey, Divest Ed Director, kriss@betterfutureproject.org

Bio_Kriss.jpegAs part of the Great Migration, my family moved to Jersey and Baltimore City in the 1940s from the American South, courtesy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, seventeenth century. The ones I know were and are: farmers, beauticians, butchers, sailors, sign language interpreters, caregivers--which brings us to me, Kriss Mincey, another being having a human experience. Only right now, mine is expressing itself in ways that are arguably more "airy," such as gathering and creating language, co-learning, stewarding relationships, and asking more truthful questions about the invisible things that shape our physical world--like I said, very "pie-in-the-sky" stuff.
Now, for that weird occurrence where I reference myself in third person:
Kriss Mincey is a Black, Afro-Southern American lyricist, writer and asker of questions. She likes her coffee hot, even in summer. She asks under what conditions can an emerging commercial artist access spirit in their work longterm. She lives and grows in Baltimore and Boston. View CV here.

Gracie Brett, Campus Organizer, gracie@betterfutureproject.org 


Gracie recently graduated from American University in Washington, DC with a B.A. in Political Science. She became interested in climate justice when she joined her university’s divestment campaign, Fossil Free AU. There, Gracie learned the importance of community and camaraderie in organizing. She views the climate crisis as an opportunity to reshape the global political economy to serve people over profits—seeking prosperity for the people, not the polluters. Her work at Better Future Project seeks not only to fight environmental injustice, but to build a more democratic and equitable society along the way. Outside of organizing, Gracie enjoys contemporary art, free jazz, reading, and laughing. 

Rachel Schlueter, Campus Organizer, rachel@betterfutureproject.org

Bio_Rachel.jpgRachel Schlueter was born and raised in the Western suburbs of Chicago, and arrived at Better Future Project in 2018 to co-create and launch Divest Ed. Rachel supports Divest Ed’s fellowship programming and trainings, and holds space for the joyful dreaming and practice of moving reinvestment strategies forward with divestment campaigns. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations at Boston University (BU), where she studied global politics, power, and Structural Adjustment Plans, and fostered her curiosity and passion for the right of self-determination as resistance to white supremacy and extraction. In her time at BU, she was an active member in Divest BU, a student climate justice campaign that built student power to win coal and tar sands divestment of the endowment.

Rachel has found many homes and greenhouses for growth in meeting spaces outside of ivory towers. She has begun to see beauty in the messy process of following the roots that have formed her, and welcomes community with fellow dreamers and hopeful sowers of a cooperative, caring, and heart-full world. 

Canyon Woodward, Divest Harvard Alumni Organizer, canyon@betterfutureproject.org


Canyon graduated from Harvard College in 2015. As an undergraduate he co-coordinated Divest Harvard, studied the craft of organizing under Professors Marshall Ganz and Timothy P. McCarthy, and wrote about the roots and growth of the U.S. climate movement in his honors thesis, “We Must, Therefore We Can: The Rise of Radical Grassroots Climate Organizing in the U.S.” Canyon hails from the Appalachian Mountain region of North Carolina. He has worked as Regional Field Director for Bernie Sanders 2016, Vice-Chair of the NC District 11 Democratic Party, Campaign Manager for Representative Chloe Maxmin, and Producer of Collapse The Distance. Canyon is also an outdoor educator, avid trail runner, potter, and writer.

Craig S. Altemose, Executive Director, craig@betterfutureproject.org

Bio_Craig.jpgCraig co-founded Better Future Project in 2011 and has served as its Executive Director since that time. Before starting BFP, he co-founded and led Students for a Just and Stable Future, a statewide student network that engaged students at over fifteen Massachusetts universities on climate policy. Craig holds a B.A. in International Relations from Eckerd College, an M.P.P. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. A native of Morris Plains, New Jersey, he now lives with his wife, Rouwenna, in Somerville, MA and enjoys playing strategy board games when not working for a livable future for all. He has been active in supporting divestment campaigns since 2012.

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