Prison & Military Divestment

Military & Weapons Divestment

CODEPINK: Divest From The War Machine

"We need to transform our priorities from hyper-militarism towards serving and healing our people at home and spreading peace & justice in the world. Now is the time to divest from the war machine."

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Weapon Free Funds

A source to find mutual funds and ETFs that avoid weapon investments!

Military Divestment List

A list of major military contractors, nuclear weapon funders, and landmine funders. 

Climate Change & Weapons Divestment

CodePink presentation on the connection between the climate crisis and militarism. 

Prison & Police Divestment

Cops Off Campus Coalition

An abolition network to get cops off campus and cops off the planet. 

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Divest From Police Toolkit

A toolkit from UnKoch My Campus


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