Recruitment Disruption Guide

Our recruitment disruption work is grounded in the work of the labor movement. We must acknowledge the long history of labor disruption, strikes, and work stoppages as fundamental tactics of the labor movement. The labor movement and unions progressed the environmental movement through these tactics. 

 Goals of this work are: we hope to disrupt fossil fuel companies recruitment efforts and challenge everyone to align their goals/campaign with interrogative, restorative, pro-black and Indigenous, pro-worker values. We want fossil fuel companies to be nervous when showing up, explicitly banned and/or disinvited from recruitment events on college campuses. We want to make visible, demystify, and interrogate the harms which persist in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities as a result of systemic environmental racism andinvestment in money and not people, how our communities can recover from harm, and how everyone reading this guide can participate in restoration and recovery.  


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