"Transition is inevitable, justice is not.   - Quinton Sankofa

We have seen how divestment is a successful tactic to move resources and power away from extractive industries. However, divestment itself does not guarantee justice to communities who continue to fight at the front lines of the climate crisis. Divest Ed is thrilled to support the development of place-based reinvestment tactics that are informed and led by local grassroots leadership.

It is time to escalate by building relationships with stakeholders who have long resisted the unfettered growth of institutional wealth, and are building the solutions we need for a caring and cooperative future. 

Upcoming Discussion Series! "Moving Money: A reinvestment toolkit for college climate activists"

In a multi-year collaboration between the College Climate Coalition’s National Reinvestment Working Group and Divest Ed, we’re super excited to launch, "Moving Money Reinvestment: A reinvestment toolkit for college climate activists." Student organizers from across so-called Canada and the United States have contributed their time and energy into making this toolkit into a reality. It builds on previous movement toolkits by offering a deep dive into the nitty gritty of investment economics, examples of college reinvestment campaigns, and how to launch a reinvestment campaign from the ground up.


Join the National Reinvestment Working Group (NRWG) for a discussion on Friday, January 22nd from 4-5pm PT/7-8pm ET to answer any questions you may have about the toolkit. Register here!

Interested in discussing reinvestment more? The student organizers have intentionally designed this toolkit to be a living, breathing document. In response to building a shared understanding of reinvestment among the movement, the NRWG the is also launching a 5-week workshop series on Sundays starting on January 31st to dive into reinvestment more deeply and intentionally bring in our collective perspectives, knowledge, and ideas to build off of the toolkit.

To stay in the loop and receive Zoom links for the discussion and workshop series, please register here.

See more Reinvestment Resources at our Campaign Resources page!

Interested in reinvestment or learning more about the national Reinvestment Research Cohort? Join the College Climate Coalition's Slack to join the discussion with students.

To schedule a coaching call on reinvestment, reach out to Rachel at rachel[at]

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