Intro to Reinvestment Reading List

Key readings that are helpful for starting to think about reinvestment! Curated by DivestEd Staff.

Moving Money - A reinvestment toolkit (2021)

A reinvestment toolkit for college climate activists, created by DivestEd 2019 Summer Fellows and the National College Reinvestment Working Group.

Reinvestment Toolkit (2016)

A reinvestment toolkit, prepared by the Divestment Student Network (DSN). Contains links to a number of additional readings on divestment, extractivism, a just transition, and solidarity organizing.

Reinvestment Report, New England and Beyond (2018)

A report on "divesting from injustice & reinvesting in community, in New England and beyond." Published by the Solidarity Economy Initiative.

Green Revolving Funds (2013)

A guide to the implementation and management of Green Revolving Funds. Created by the Sustainable Endowments Institute.

NOTE: because this is from 2013, it is outdated. Please take a look if you're interested in the history of this thinking!

Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Investment

A paper calling for universities to invest in their local communities. Created by the Democracy Collaborative and the Responsible Endowments Coalition.

Community Investment

The Democracy Collaborative makes the case for Community Investment.

Reinvestment Folder

A folder of additional resources on reinvestment, curated by DivestEd staff.

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