Resources for Campaigns

On Divestment

Recruitment Disruption 

Acknowledgement of Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Land

  • Interactive map of native lands from Native Land Digital
  • Download a guide to land acknowledgement from the Department of Arts and Culture

Keep in mind that these resources are by no means perfect or universal. Whenever possible, reach out to indigenous groups in your area to consult them about the history of the land and how they would best like to be acknowledged.

Anti-Oppression in Movement Work

A model of Popular education adapted by Blogal Views from \Popular Education

  • Summary of the purpose and principles of Popular Education from Practicing Freedom
  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

This model was found on Blogal Views and is adapted from "Educating for a Change" (Arnold et al.)

Principles That Inspire Us

Event Planning

Public Speaking

Writing an Op-Ed

What is Fossil Fuel Divestment?

This 2-page overview of fossil fuel divestment is good language for providing to administrators, trustees, funders, etc.

A basic overview about what is divestment and why we should do it.
Short 2:46 animated video made by the divestment campaign at American University explaining what fossil fuel divestment is, why the fossil fuel industry must be challenged, and why campus divestment is important.
A concise 1-page resource with responses to commonly asked questions and arguments.
Learn about the misconceptions institutions that invest in fossil fuel companies may promote.
Bill McKibben explains why fossil fuel divestment is necessary. 

Planning Your Campaign 

Looking for an in depth step-by-step guide to plotting out your campaign? This handy guide provides you with tools and questions to make sure you stay focused on your goal! Illustrations included.
This is an easy-to-read detailed online guide with tips and tools for starting a fossil fuel divestment campaign on campus. It is split into 7 phases of campaign planning. The guide includes how to start a team, campaign strategy tools, and resources for understanding the financial argument of divestment.

Building Your Base

A resource on how to recruit through effective tabling, including how to set up tabling schedule, materials you'll need, and how to make a campaign pitch.

Recruitment Ideas [Google Doc] (Divest Ed)

A guide on recruitment with ideas for recruiting on college campuses.

What happens after an action? This guide will give you tips on how to keep the momentum going after a protest. (Excerpt from the How to Run a Divestment Campaign guide)

Guide to Growing Your Group [Google Slides] (

This graphical Google Slides presentation was intended for groups participating in the global Rise for Climate actions in Sep. 2018, but it is also useful for divestment campaigns in terms of understanding how to plan for absorption after a large action.

Climate Justice and Intersectionality

Resources for Anti-Racist Climate Organizing [Website Link] (

Compilation of articles and resources for the importance of anti-racism in the climate movement and tips for how to move toward being more anti-racist in our campaigns. This is a key resource for campaigns!

Organizing Cools the Planet [Website Link]

Link to download a zine that gives an overview of climate justice and movement organizing concepts.

Why the Climate Movement Must Stand with Ferguson [Website Link] (Deirdre Smith)

A must-read article written shortly after the murder of Michael Brown in 2014 about the intersection of racism and climate change, the racist history of environmental injustice, and the need for the climate movement to be in solidarity with movements for racial justice.

The Just Transition Framework by Movement Generation and Climate Justice Alliance

This framework comes from Movement Generation's zine, "From Banks and Tanks to Cooperation and Caring." You can download the zine at the link above. You can learn more about this Just Transition Model at Climate Justice Alliance's website.

Divestment & Endowment Finance

Divestment 101 & Financial Literacy

The most common anti-divestment arguments made by universities and counterarguments to combat them.

Endowment Values for U.S. and Canadian Institutions as of 2019 (NACUBO)

Need to know the size of your school's endowment? Here is a table of up-to-date values for top 785 college endowments.

Shareholder Engagement Fact Sheet

Why fossil fuel divestment is more effective than shareholder engagement.

Financial Resources [Website Link] (

Compilation of useful articles, papers, and answers that explain the financial argument for divestment. This is a key resource for campaigns!

The Finance of Divestment: An Infographic [Website Link] (

Scroll-through infographic that lays out the key financial arguments for divestment.

Common Arguments from Decision-makers (

This guide gives you answers for the common questions and misconceptions from administrators  and trustees about divestment, including "Is divestment risky, and will we lose money by divesting?" and "It’s not up to us, our money is managed by asset managers and consultants."

The Financial Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment [Website Link] (Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis)

This 52-page report from July 2018 is one of the best, most concise articulations of the financial argument for divestment out there. It can be provided as is to your trustees. Click here for more in-depth reports on energy economics from IEEFA.

The Global Fossil Fuel Divestment and Clean Energy Investment Movement [Website Link] (Arabella Advisors)

This 28-page report from September 2018 provides an overview of the movement and its growing impact. It can be a strong appendix text to any divestment proposal.

This 4-page handout gives an overview of how a college endowment is generally structured and managed.

Intentionally Designed Endowments Primer [Website Link] (Intentional Endowments Network)

Covers the key issues related to creating an intentionally designed endowment, including case studies of intentionally designed campus endowments and campuses who have divested (e.g. San Francisco State, University of Dayton, etc.).

The Role of Consultants [Google Docs] (

This resource explains the outsized role that investment consultants like Cambridge Associates play in a divestment decision. It draws on research from this paper called "Picking Winners." You can read more about consultants in this case study on Seattle pension fund divestment.

Trillion Dollar Transformation: Fiduciary Duty, Divestment, and Fossils Fuels [PDF] (Center for International Environmental Law)

A bit on the technical side but provides a lot of good talking points for why trustees and investment managers are acting prudently by considering divestment (note p. 5-7 and 12).

Sample Handouts & Presentations

Divestment Presentation [Download] (Butte College)

Example slideshow of presenting Divestment.

Climate Change and Wildlife Fact Sheet [PDF] (Fossil Free AU)

Fast facts about the harm being inflicted on the environment. 

Sample Reports & Proposals to Trustees

Academic Outreach Guide [Download] (Fossil Free AU)

If you need help drafting a letter to faculty or other people in power and university this guide comes with tips and a template for a letter.

NYU Sample Letter [PDF] (NYU Dr. Warren)

A sample letter of an NYU professor that asked the university to stop investing in fossil fuels. 

Reinvestment Resources

Reinvestment Toolkit [PDF] (Divestment Student Network)

In-depth guide to the history, structure, and resources of the Divestment Student Network.

The Reinvest Report: Divesting from Injustice & Reinvesting in Community, in New England & Beyond [Website Link]

A report of local community reinvestment funds in New England compiled by Boston area student divestment organizers. The report is able to presented to trustees and stakeholders when discussing reinvestment options.

Green Revolving Funds Implementation Guide [PDF] (Sustainable Endowments Institute)

Learn about how to invest funds in a environmentally conscious way that grows community and energy efficiency.

Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Reinvestment [PDF] (REC)

Read about how successful reinvestment campaigns in campuses have been and the student leaders that helped these groups become so successful.

The Student Divestment Movement's Next Frontier: Community Investment (Democracy Collaborative)

A resource explaining how responsible community investing can actually have higher returns that extractive, global investments. 

Other Resources

Divest Ed Resources for Campaigns [Google Drive]

Google Drive containing many of the above resources and more!

Power Shift Network Trainings Resource Bank [Google Spreadsheet]

A free-to-use/share spreadsheet of resources including recurring training & webinar programs, fellowship opportunities, and downloadable training materials.

Power Shift Network Anti-Oppression Curriculum & Resource Bank [Google Spreadsheet]

A free-to-use/share spreadsheet of resources specifically about anti-oppression curriculum.

Power Shift Network Actions & Trainings Calendar [Google Calendar]

A public and free-to-use/share Google Calendar of trainings, webinars, conferences, and actions. Training Resources [Website Link]

An essential resource for training and workshop tools on strategy, base-building, facilitation, etc. as well as online skill-ups.

New Economy Coalition Resources [Website Link]

Huge resource bank from articles to curriculum to maps on topics related to new economies, such as worker co-ops, divestment, reinvestment, economics justice, etc.