Resources We Love

On Divestment


Land Acknowledgement

  • Interactive map of native lands from Native Land Digital
  • Download a guide to land acknowledgement from the Department of Arts and Culture

Keep in mind that these resources are by no means perfect or universal. Whenever possible, reach out to indigenous groups in your area to consult them about the history of the land and how they would best like to be acknowledged.


Anti-Oppression in Movement Work


Principles That Inspire Us


Just Transition Model

Learn more about this Just Transition Model developed by the Climate Justice Alliance at their website.


Popular Education

  • Summary of the purpose and principles of Popular Education from Practicing Freedom
  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

     A model of Popular education adapted by Blogal Views from "Educating for a Change" (Arnold et al.)

This model was found on Blogal Views and is adapted from "Educating for a Change" (Arnold et al.)


Event Planning

Public Speaking

Writing an Op-Ed