Hearing from successful divestment campaigns


Is your campaign ready to escalate? How many semesters does a campaign take? What happens if your schools says 'no' to divestment?

In this webinar, we hear answers to these questions and more from a panel of organizers from divestment campaigns that won. No two campaigns are alike, but we aim to equip current student organizers with skills, strategy, and wisdom that they can use to move decision-makers and their campuses.

If your divestment campaign needs new ideas, concrete advice, inspiration, or a clearer path forward, this webinar is for you.


  • Cynthia Kaufman - De Anza Community College, Faculty
  • Eric Recchia - Humboldt State University, Former student
  • Jess Grady-Benson - Pitzer College, Former student
  • Noel Healy - Salem State University, Faculty
  • Helen Cane - Barnard College, Former student

Webinar Agenda:

  • Question 1: Moving your targets
    • What did you learn about who you needed to move and target in order to win?
    • When did you know who you needed to target? How did you decide this?
    • What tactics were most successful or influential in moving your targets?
  • Question 2: Building allies & partnerships
    • Which allies or partnerships did you make that were most strategic?
    • How did they impact your campaign?
    • How did you make these partnerships?
  • Question 3: Takeaways for the future
    • Reflecting on your experiences running divestment campaigns, how can we build campaigns to be intersectional, and accountable to other movements?
    • What’s next for the movement?
  • Open Q&A from callers
  • Closing & Webinar Evaluation

This webinar has already passed, but you can watch the video recording, check out the slides, and see the Facebook Event here!


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