What We Do

Our goal at Divest Ed is to build a sustainable student movement led by young people who have a stake in seeing their universities be agents of community good. We support students who are demanding action from their institutions through divestment, build critical awareness among each other, share resources, and who continue to be organizers and activists for social justice long after they have left school.

Through coaching, training, resource-sharing, and coordination, we equip student organizers with the analysis, strategy, and skills that they can use in their activism on campus and throughout the rest of their lives in the movement.

We are helping train the next generation of young leaders through:

  1. Mentorship and Leadership Development: One-on-one mentorship, fellowship program for cohort learning, help students identify their goals and challenge areas, guide them to mentor others in their campaign
  2. Campaign Coaching: Offering resources to campaigns, having calls, help campaigns identify goals and develop strategies
  3. Connecting Campaigns to a Movement: Connect campaigns to each other, building a network, connect campaigns

We offer a summer-long fellowship program, as well as one-on-one campaign support to student organizations who aim to push their schools to divest, and in doing so take a moral stance against the fossil fuel industry and other exploitative industries. We offer trainings in strategy, campaign development, digital organizing, base-building, negation, leadership development, and more. We believe in a world where universities stand for something, and we’re here to help students build bold coalitions on their campuses and within their local communities.

Are you pushing your school to divest from fossil fuels? We would love to hear from you and talk about how we can best support your campaign, whether it’s new, old, or just needs a boost of support. Fill out our survey to get in touch with us. 

Although we primarily focus on supporting fossil fuel divestment campaigns, we can offer support to other divestment campaigns as well, in the form of coaching, leadership development, and coalition-building support. If you are interested in receiving this kind of support from us, please fill out our survey and indicate your issue area.

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